Sales agencies

Our products are sold in many Slovenian organic stores as well as in some stores of Mercator, Tuš, Jager and Lecler as well as occasionally in Hofer stores.

All our products are also available every Friday and Saturday between 9 a.m. and 12 p.m. at the stand in Maribor on the upper platform of the Vodnik market in Koroška street (previously there was a stand on the edge of the main square, including pictures from there).

We also take part in some large trade fairs in Slovenia and Austria, where it is of course also possible to buy our products.

You can also order products by phone at +386 031 876 803 (Jože) or by email at

If we do not have the desired product in stock, please let us know at (or by phone on 031 876 803) to make it available.

A few more pictures from the stand in Maribor