The desire within us to feel the untouched nature again led us to work with the earth. We farm organically, in a nature-friendly manner and in recent years we have been increasingly tending towards peaceful farming (improvement of organic farming), which is our next goal. We always thank nature for the gifts and give back by participating in various environmental protection projects. Animals are always welcome and given food.

Our farm is a small, atypical development farm. We have traditionally not inherited agriculture, we are building it up again. We are currently mainly dealing with the production and processing of herbs. However, the production and processing of certain types of vegetables and grains also make up a certain proportion.

There are many plans and ideas for the future. We want to maintain a peaceful, respectful and positive attitude towards people, colleagues, animals, plants, the earth, in short, everything that surrounds us. In this time of great change, we want to feel nature and help it.

Our leading product is the well-known wild garlic pesto. All of our products are prepared in such a way that you receive products of the highest quality, which are minimally processed, fresh and taste-intensive. We prepare wild garlic in three forms: wild garlic pesto, wild garlic pesto with pumpkin seeds and wild garlic pesto with hemp seeds. The wild garlic pesto is available in three sizes: 125 g (with pumpkin and hemp seeds 130 g), 310 g and 620 g.

In addition to the wild garlic pesto, we also have the basil pesto, two types of tinctures (wild garlic and coriander) as well as jam and compote made from Cornelian cherry.

Of course, all of these products are organic and vegan. This is proven by our Eco certification.

Lately we have also been dealing with wood. We have two types of products: organic chair in different sizes and useful cooking boards, also in different sizes. The material is PEFC-certified wood and loggingn is timely with the season.

The certificate on the website of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry reads, among other things:
The PEFC certification gives the products the guarantee that they come from sustainably managed forests. Human environmental awareness is increasing. It is well known that wood products are more environmentally friendly than non-renewable materials such as plastics, aluminum or steel, but the customer still wonders when buying a wood product: “Are we destroying the forest because of the wood product?” . Sustainable management, as we know it in Slovenia and which is implemented by its owners in the countries included in the PEFC, ensures that the wood comes from sustainably managed forests in contrast to wood from uncontrolled deforestation and black cutting, which also occurs the market.

Contact details

Biodobro organic farm
Jože Lipej – complementary activity on the farm
Predenca 22a
SI-3240 Šmarje pri Jelšah

E-mail: biodobro@gmail.com
Web: www.biodobro.eu

Telephone: +386 031 876 803